Bell of Honor     Challenge Coins

 Bell of Honor Challenge Coins are sold as a fund raiser to support the Bell of Honor Mission. There are currently six coins available for purchase. Each coin has the Bell of Honor Logo on one side and your choice of one of the following on the reverse side. Coins sell for $10.00 each. If you are interested in purchasing a coin, please contact a Bell of Honor Committee member or send an e-mail to:

Bell of Honor

Bell of Honor

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Korean War Memorial


Thank a Veteran

30th Anniversary Viet Nam

Viet Nam Memorial       


National EMS Memorial

National EMS Memorial

Blue Star Family

Blue Star Family

Our Mission

The Bell of Honor will be tolled as a sign of respect and honor for Fallen Hero's who have given their all. Active Military, Veteran's, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and EMS who have made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest can exist in peace and safety. The Bell of Honor will be tolled at funerals, memorials or during special occasions worthy of the honor.

The primary mission is to show the utmost respect and honor to the individual and their family. Upon the family's invitation the Bell of Honor will be present at the final resting place.

As it was in history, the bell will toll 7 times to honor our fallen heroes.



Meaning of the 7 Bell Tolls

The first six tolls are to honor those who have:  







The 7th toll signifies the Loss of Life.